Home Up

Discovered through research into the Williams Family


Born Summer 1840

6th June 1841  - Levi was :-1 year old

Living in Hollinwood

With   James 30  father

Mary    29  mother

30th March 1851 – Levi was :-10 years old and a scholar

Living or staying in Hollinwood for the night

          With   Elizabeth Allman 74 His widowed  Grandmother – a sand proprietor

7th April 1861 – Levi was :-20 years old and a tailor living in Hollinwood

With James 50 father  (Tailor employing 2 men)

 Mary  49 mother

 Elizabeth 19 sister

 Benjamin Sackett 22 a journeyman tailor

 Levi’s father, James, died in July 1867 and he is now head of the household

2nd April 1871 – Levi was:- 30 years old and a grocer iving in Hollinwood

With   Elizabeth 28 sister  living on an  annuity

         Robert Bellingham  26  General domestic servant

Levi was known as ‘split raisin’ as he was so mean that he would split a raisin in half so as not to give a customer more than they paid for!

Levi married Esther Williams in April 1874


Born late 1850

30 March 1851  - Esther was :-5 months old

Living at Elm House, Platt Lane

With  Henry 21 father

Martha 23 mother

Thomas 2 brother

Sarah Brown their servant

7th April 1861 – Esther was:-  10 years old and a scholar

   Living at Elm House, Platt Lane

   With  Henry 30 father wheelwright master

        Martha 34 mother

   Thomas 12  brother  wheelwright apprentice

   Josiah  6 brother  scholar

        Mary Alice  4 sister

   Henry employed two men at this time

2nd April 1871 – Esther was:- 20 years old

 Living at Elm House, Platt Lane

 With  Henry 40 father  wheelwright master

 Martha 43 mother

 Josiah 16 brother wheelwright

      Mary Alice 13 sister

  Charles H 9 brother scholar

  William 7 brother scholar

  Esther married Levi Green in April 1874

3rd April 1881 – Esther was:-30 years old

Living at 8/9 Hollinwood

With  Levi  40 husband Shopkeeper

 Edward  6 son

 Mary Lottie 4 daughter

 Harry  3 son

5th April 1891 – Esther was:-40 years old

     With   Levi  50 husband Grocer & Tailor

     Mary Lottie 14 daughter

     Harry  13 son

31st March 1901 – Esther was:-50 years old

Living at 8/9 Hollinwood with  Levi  60 husband Shopkeeper

2nd April 1911 – Esther was:- 60 years old

Living at 8/9 Hollinwood with   Levi  70 husband Grocer

Levi died 25th October 1928 leaving £1275.16s.3d

Esther died 11th August 1932 leaving £1133.10s. 0d

Both are buried in the graveyard at St Mary’s Church, Whixall.