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From Censuses

In 1851

Main occupation   Farm labourers

 Others included:-

Peat and turf dealers


A brick maker

A besom (or broom) maker

A cordwainer or shoemaker

There was also one pauper!

In 1861

Main occupation s  Farm labourers,Peat labourers

 Others included:-

Land owners and farmers



A midwife

A dressmaker

by now there were two  paupers!

In 1871

Main occupation s  Market Gardeners, Labourers of various kinds

 Others included:-

A wheelwright

A lime burner

A grocer

A stay (or corset) maker

Interestingly a couple of people were living on an annuity from their ‘club’

In 1881

Main occupation  Labourers of various kinds

Others included:-

An independent minister

A teacher

Journeyman ( travelling) carpenters

A journeyman tailor

A newsagent

interestingly there were only 2 market gardeners, but their numbers had increased again by the next census

In 1891

Main occupation   Market Gardeners

Others included:-

A rag and bone collector


A grocer who was also a tailor

A dressmaker

 3 women were living on their own means

In 1901

Main occupation Market Gardeners and Labourers

Others included:-

A shopkeeper/grocer

A groom

Moss labourers

A school teacher

One person was living on charity

In 1911

Main occupation Market Gardeners

But a really wide variety of other occupations:-

Various labourers

A railway platelayer

A head teacher plus an assistant teacher

A dressmaker

An iron founder

By now there were 2 grocers and a grocer’s assistant.  

It seems strange to think of shops in today’s Hollinwood!